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The manufacture of our followspots began in 1965. From this time on they have been widely used in commercial theaters and public institutions across the world.For over 40 years we have been developing and expanding our products, which range from the 500W followspot ideal for small theaters to the 4kW model for use in stadiums and large theaters. We also provide the lamps and switching regulators (Power Supply Units).

Xenon followspot Catalogue (Issued: November, 2007)
PDF file(approx 9MB)

•XPS-1003SR1 1000W (Studio /Theaters)
•XPS-2008SR1  2000W (Theaters)
•XPS-3002SR1  3000W (Stadium / Large Theaters)

XPS series are the high-end models, which have been widely used for many years in Japan. Remodeled several times, the XPS series continues to focus on providing excellent operation and performance.

•XS-2000  2000W (Theaters)
•XS-3000  3000W (Stadium / Large Theaters)
•XS-4000  4000W (Stadium / Large Theaters)

XS series was created mainly for the overseas market and have been illuminating theaters across the world since 2002. The XS series offers the same high quality lighting as the XPS with superior cost performance.

•KSX-1000  1000W (Theaters)

These are two earlier models designated for the overseas market. Being more compact than any other foreign xenon follow spots, they proved very popular abroad especially within the Asian market.
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Here we introduce previously made products such as; Color-Arc, operational with a single hand and a limelight model.